Civil Engineering Training Group North East


The Civil Engineering Training Group North East (CETG NE) was set up in September 2000. CETG NE has close working links with the Civil Engineering Contractors Association North East (CECA NE).

CETG consists of 31 CITB levy paying member companies who hold meetings to discuss the setting up and running of local training for members and non member companies for all civil engineering activities, in the North East.

Members take a very active part in promoting training at all levels, with member companies actively involved in promoting work experience, site visits, school based programmes and working young entrants into the industry.

We have close working relationships with current and new Training Providers to develop new and additional course for the Group Membership. CETG co-ordinates and provides a forum for the Member Groups for the development of courses with a view to avoiding duplication.

We actively promote Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) initiatives, services and activities.

We actively promote the use of, and the obtaining of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Card for Member Group Employees.

We actively promote the uptake of obtaining the Investors in People (IiP) Award for Group Member Companies.

In addition to training courses, the Group meetings have proven to be a useful forum for debates on new legislation and issues effecting Civil Engineering Organisations as well as providing briefing sessions by experts in the field of Health & Safety.

As a member of the Training Group, special rates for local courses, access to European Social Funds and CITB grants, all go to make courses affordable. The Group is able to focus on its most important activities, which are training courses for the construction industry provided at the right price, at the right locations and of the right quality. All courses organised by the Group are held in and around the North East region helping to further reduce travelling and lodging costs.

Group training courses are not exclusive to Members and there are many local companies who have benefited by using the locally run courses. As a Member or otherwise all are welcome to utilise the courses on offer. As a One-Stop Shop for training courses, advice and information we hope we can be of service.