CITB Update

CITB's 'supporting systems' are now up and running, Click Here to see the new services that are on offer.


Training Directory

The Training Directory will be a list of CITB ‘approved providers’ online where you will search for and book your training courses direct. This should show a list of dates and set prices for each course, you will then be able to click through to the provider’s own booking system. Each course will be set a ‘standard’, click the below links to see which courses have already been set ‘standards’. You can also leave your feedback on the next set of ‘standards’ which are yet to be approved.

First Set of Approved Standards

Second Set of Standards (to be Approved)

If you are a member and also a registered Training Provider, please click here to find out how you can become an ‘approved provider’.


Automated Grant Payments

Much to many people’s relief, gone are the days of Training Plans to claim your grant (as of April 2018). When booking your courses through the new Training Directory, you will now receive automated grant payments. This will be ‘phased’ into your grant application process. As of April 2018, only short duration courses will be loaded onto the Training Directory, for any other grant claims, this will still have to be applied for with a Training Plan until further notice.

After the initial ‘Transition Period’ in which Training Providers will be loaded onto the directory, and more courses are added, this will then be the sole way to apply for your grant payments.

You will only be able to claim grant on courses over 3 hours which adhere to the set ‘standard’s’ and if it is delivered by a CITB approved training provider.


Grant will be paid if the training is covered under the below categories:

Trade or Construction Aligned - Generic to support construction skills e.g. Abrasive Wheels, Confined Spaces

Non-Trade Construction Training – Training not directly related to construction skills but customised to the industry e.g. BIM

Skills Specific – Courses customised to specific areas e.g. Demolition Safety Awareness

Health & Safety Construction Specific e.g. Site Safety Plus

First Aid training will not be grant applicable, although some small companies may be able to apply (payroll less than £80,000 a year).


National Register

The national register should feature every employee within the construction industry who has completed a qualification from a CITB approved training provider. When the delegate has passed the course, the Training Provider will then be able to upload the certificate onto the delegate’s account.


CITB Flexible & Structured

CITB Have now changed the way in which you apply for Flexible and Structured Funding. If you are interested in making either a Flexible or Structured Fund Bid, there are now various steps which you will have to take before going ahead. 

1. Speak to your local CITB advisor

2. Review projects that have already been funded through CITB Click Here. CITB will not fund duplicates.

3. Submit an expression of interest form.


CITB: Skills & Training Fund

The Skills and Training Fund is available for micro and small employers, and any CITB registered companies with less than 100 employees can apply. Applications for this fund are now open and will remain open until 20th November 2017. The fund is available for projects lasting up to 18 months, and can cover upskilling programmes, multi-skilling programmes, and training support materials. The amounts available are:

Up to £5,000 for employers up to 49 employees

Up to £7,500 for employers up to 74 employees 

Up to £10,000 for employers up to 99 employees

Flexible and Structured Funds/ Skills and Training Funding


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